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Fans' match in Milan with Inter fans. Monday 10 March 2008. k/o 9pm.

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Match confirmed. Directions/meeting-up details:

1. The pitch (If possible get there 8.20 pm for 9pm kick off) ("SC Baggio 2"):,+Milan&sll=47.510584,19.057168&sspn=0.006841,0.013647&ie=UTF8&ll=45.461937,9.122772&spn=0.017609,0.030513&t=h&z=15&iwloc=addr
(green arrow just sticking out at the very top)
and the bar (11pm till v. late) - FourFourTwo:,+milan&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=40.137381,74.53125&ie=UTF8&ll=45.476473,9.167662&spn=0.017393,0.036392&z=15&iwloc=addr

Everyone should note the addresses of both & print the maps

2. Everyone make sure you have Pata's mobile number - use PM to get it. History shows somebody out there will regret not having it. Nige will not have a mobile.

3. The main way of getting there is going to be by Metro to Biscelgie (at the end end of one of the branches of the red line) and then walk.
The locals don't walk anywhere, so they recommend a bus (49) from the previous metro stop called Inganni, but that's more complicated and it'll onlybe a  half a mile walk from Biscelgie....

4. The 7 of us in my hotel can meet at Wagner metro 7.20, the rest of us of us at the exit of Biscelgie metro station 8pm. we know some people will be getting there last minute so we won't wait around long, just get to the pitch as soon as you can.

5. We'll get lifts and/or taxis from the pitch to the bar and be there for 11pm. taxi home in the early hours. Yes they do food.

6. Nige is bringing a kit, but please let him know on here how many of you are bringing your own red shorts and socks. Socks especially if you have them please

They are fielding  a friendly, non-competitive side, with some of their ex-players rather than a current league side that would whup anyone's ass. Thus it is vitally important that all concerned know the great friendly spirit in which this game is to be  played. It's not about going in hard. Anyone not playing in that spirit will not be welcome and will be substituted immediately. We know this club & they are very welcoming people but of course how we are on the pitch affects that welcome & future welcomes. Likewise in their bar, please avoid cockiness or bragging about the first leg lead etc. Singing '5 times' is as far as the cockiness will go. Bring your singing voices & flags & scarves & stuff to swap of course. I know I don't have to say this to the people we know, but there will be some new faces around this time...

The bar will be open again from 2pm on Tuesday afternoon  and again after the match into the early hours of Wednesday (and you can't say that for many places in Milano after they let us out the G. Meazza at midnight) so please do come back there again and drink him dry, he's getting in loads of ale, putting on the Cheltenham races that afternoon, etc. There's f_ all else to do in Milano & you won't find a better bar to spend your time.

1. Pata (GK) - CONFIRMED
2. Nige (CB) - CONFIRMED
4. Sez_20 (FW-RM/sub) - CONFIRMED
6. Rhino (LM) - CONFIRMED
7. Joe90 (LB) - CONFIRMED
8. Raul (sub/RM) - CONFIRMED
9. Marc Mendoza (wickid left foot) - CONFIRMED
10. Mivi (FW/CB) - CONFIRMED
11. Phil - Joe90's mate (LM) - CONFIRMED
12. Ian - Joe90's mate  (CM Defensive/RB) - CONFIRMED
13. Craig M (Midfield)
14. John P (CM/LB)
15. Tom (Hij) (anywhere) - CONFIRMED
16. Tommy - Joe90's recommendation - (FW/W) - CONFIRMED
17. Richie - Joe90's recommendation - (FW) - CONFIRMED
18. Heath (RB/RM) - CONFIRMED
19. Andy G (Def/Mid) - CONFIRMED
20. Jon (anywhere) - CONFIRMED
21. Jamie (midfield)
22. lfsea (midfield) - CONFIRMED

There are 4 of us who will be there from early Monday, not that we're any good at playing ;D

Might well be there and I'm very good at playing football.

Commie Bobbie:

--- Quote from: Raul. on December 21, 2007, 02:55:33 pm ---Might well be there and I'm very good at playing football.

--- End quote ---

I'm only good for Vocal Support as my crosses are very suspect...


--- Quote from: Rhino on December 21, 2007, 02:53:42 pm ---There are 4 of us who will be there from early Monday, not that we're any good at playing ;D

--- End quote ---
We'll have a pre-match trials, obviously... :) Actually, would be interesting to see how many of last year's folks are able to make it.


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