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Those driving in Slovenia

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Checked the AA Website and it says that you need an International Driving Permit to drive there.  Can anyone confirm?  Hope I can get one in time now!

Hi Terri :wave

Just phoned holiday autos (I think you've booked with them as well)
As long as you have a full UK driving licence, you don't need any permits or anything.

It does look like you do NEED an internation driving licence to drive in Sloviania. From FCO website:

"Carry a copy of your passport at all times as a form of identification. An international driving licence is required for all visitors planning to drive..."

I think the permits are only if you take your own car.
This is just for insurance purposes because unless you have a permit or 'green card', your insurance is invalid abroad and therefore illegal.
The car hire company I booked with mentions nothing about any permits, and the company knows the route I am taking, I have agreed to the 12 euro surcharge to enter Slovenia, so they should provide all required cover.
The guy I spoke to confirmed that a driving licence is all that is required.
An international driving licence, again is only required for people driving their own car and are resident i.e. not on holiday and under temporary green card cover in the country in question.
Or so I believe.

Thanks both, think it is probably only for private car users as you say. However given my cautious nature  - "organised" some might say ;) -  I think I will get one anyway, seems like you can go to certain POs and just get one, and theres a branch in the City here that deals with them.  And you never know where we might get drawn next round!  Looked for  a road map today, but only one covered Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia and our route was covered in less detail than the RAC online version.  Luckily Klagenfurt airport looks  very close to the Town, so the route looks pretty straightforward  ???.  See you in Bratislava then ;)

Trieste airport seems to be a distance from the Town, North west ish.


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