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Anyone driving from Trieste to Ljubljana?

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Is anyone driving from Trieste to Ljubljana? I'm flying to Trieste on the Tuesday before the game, and flying back the day after the game.

Is anyone doing the same thing and thinking of hiring a car? I'm looking for one space as I can't afford to get the train.




I'm sure you'll be able to grab a lift with someone, but are you aware that there are buses from Trieste to Ljubljana as well?  Seem to remember the bus and rail station are the same place in Trieste.  The bus from the airport leaves you off at the main station.  Also think I remember someone telling me that the buses are much more frequent than the trains.

Kemlyn 28:
Any idea on where I can get info on this bus route,as a mate who is travelling by himself is trying to sort that way.Ta.

Having trouble finding a site that lists a bus timetable but, found a report by a backpacker which says that buses from Trieste to Ljubljana run every hour.

Bus is the major public transport in this part of the world and from my own experience there, I would agree.

For anyone thats driving, I recomend route planner.

It's idiot proof and free! Just type in where your leaving from and where you're going.



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