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FAO anyone who has not yet changed their flights

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Looks like Ryanair have got onto it.

The outward flight to Klagenfurt and the inbound from Trieste have now gone right up in price.

Spoke to UEFA again just now, and their press office have said that they home to confirm changes in the next hour or so. The only way that won't happen is if either national association object, which is very unlikely.

Bollox!!! John, any idea how far venice is from our game?

Lee J:
That's weird John 'cos those were the prices they were showing last night, then this morning it went back down, now it is up again.

We can get return flights to Venice for 67 for the two of us which means it is cheaper to buy these two and ditch the others than to change the original flights.   Times are better too, leaving plenty of time to drive to Venice from Ljubljana.

Now, do I go for it or not.....  ???

Lee, where are you flying from?

Just phoned Ryanair - they want 138 extra on top of the 58 I've already paid.
Thats 100 a flight it works out.
Told em to go fuck themselves.
Have to start looking elsewhere now, but probably won't be able to afford to go.
 :upyours :no :upyours :no :upyours :no :upyours :no


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