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--- Quote from: JoshLoughlin91 on March 14, 2008, 06:19:40 pm ---Easiest ground to get around, mainly cos its just only big corridor all the way round.

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Certainly not in the Lower Bullens.  I missed kick-off due to the massive queues outside and my mate who got himself lost from the Abbey to the ground.  Got in and could even see where the walkways were.  We found a small space and stayed there for the match.  The view was dire, I couldn't believe that state of the place.  Best 33 (obstructed view) I've ever spent though.


--- Quote from: LpoolHope5* on June 29, 2007, 10:49:35 pm ---as a Liverpudlian, i am an evertonian second and always will be - even it is fashionable to hate them.

That doesnt mean i want them to win any thing of course ;D

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Err, what the fuck?

got loads of everton friends,and was at school with people who go the match?
both clubs have humans supporting them,some have decided to de-humanise themselves by using words/gestures?

but most,stood by our darkest hour,and still do?so for me,hand on heart,ive got nothing but respect?
best chippy, lynns (chows) city road.
pub, spellow arms (shanklys local)he used to have a sly whiskey in there?

6TIMES champions OF europe:
which one is the best place to sit? i reckon the lower bullens meself like.

shit hole


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