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★deb★, please ?:
I was able to book 3 seats for this one in the P4 block in the Putney end, just the block next to ours!

Is there somebody from here who has done the same?

eight bells this year

Buck Pete:
Ive got a restricted view ticket in block P7.

Fuck it ...In is In

Sure i was there for the Igor Biscan goal in 2005 and it wasnt too bad. :)

Torben Piechnik is my Dad:
Last season for the Chelsea game we went to 8 Bells with kids and it was fine, we sat outside. But it was rammed for Fulham so not sure if it will be too busy for the lad.

There are a fair few pubs on the south side of the river that I've seen kids in before and should be quieter than the Eight Bells. The Jolly Gardeners and the Coat & Badge are only a minute or so from the bridge (just off Putney High Street), and the Duke's Head is a good spot for drinking on the river if the weather's good.


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