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6TIMES champions OF europe:

--- Quote from: Aidan_B on April  6, 2006, 07:41:57 am ---Sounds obvious but the best place to drink before the game is in the town centre, trying the pubs around St. Peters square are a decent bet for the tram which is entirely free on match days (no space for conductors)

--- End quote ---
Not on the way back though!

possible the best stadium in the prem,for parking,facilities,and harry ramsdens up the road?
just need our team to turn up now?

Have to agree excellent stadium.  Havent been for a league game but was there for the FA cup semi v chelsea

It is about 30-40 mins walk. I wouldn't bother to be honest. Get a train/tram to old trafford cricket ground from oxford rd. Much quicker.  ;)

If we get 9,000 plus tickets for the FA cup match, does anyone know what sections we get?


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