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The John W Henry Interview - Part One

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Onward Liverpudlian:
Hopefully very soon we will see the same steadfast and public 'over my dead body' rejection of grounshare as Moores/Parry used to do - the one major thing they were good at. The only options going forward for us should be our own new ground on the park or even better redevelop Anfield. Either of those things keep most/all of us happy but suggestion of groundshare would split the fanbase in two - i'm sure Henry does not want to throw away all that goodwill. :)

i think his wife has fallen for the club already she was seen on tv joining in with the stevie g song heh think he'll soon join in...

socrates the sophist:
God can't wait for the rest of the answers.

Veinticinco de Mayo:

Consider yourselves all personally thanked. :wave

John W Henry himself has just re-tweeted this link!  Fills me with hope for the future all this. YNWA


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