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Rest In Peace David Church, father of Gary Church - funeral Tue Nov 14th

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Well, that was a lovely service and, as we have all come to learn and understand from the families of the Hillsborough victims, an exceptionally dignified occasion.

Pete Carney, Shelia Coleman and Steve Kelly all gave very moving tributes in the church.

Dave's daughter Karen cast our flowers into her father's grave with the words, "This is from Gary's mates, dad!" before wishing him a tearful goodnight.

One thing I hadn't known previously is that, following Gary's funeral (the 1st of the victims' funerals), Dave and Maureen were so upset to see a picture of them by the graveside taken by and printed in THAT rag. The Church family instructed a solicitor to act on their behalf to sue News International for such a hurtful invasion of their privacy. The solicitor apparently settled the case behind his clients' backs for a measly if assuming the Church family "had a price"...............

They had no price. None of the families or survivors have a price. All they've ever fought for is the truth to come out and for justice to be seen to be done.

The former was Dave's battle - the latter is his legacy battle - and we'll keep fighting it for him and the rest until everyone remaining can rest.

YNWA Dave Church.

(I'll now move this over to the Hillsborough Memorial Board so it doesn't drop down the Main Board once the international break is over and the usual hysteria around the circus that is modern football kicks in again.......thanks to Rush82 for uploading the pix from today too.)

the 92A:
Couldn't make it today because of work. that's a lovely tribute Jim. On behalf of lots of us who couldn't pay our respects today thanks for taking the time and putting in the effort  to represent RAWK it's sounds like it was a fitting tribute to another hero who couldn't be bought or silenced

RIP Dave - a true Scouse warrior.


Rest in peace.
Say hello to your lad. I'm glad you'll be together again.

Nice one Jim.
Choked me reading that & shame on that solicitor too.
RIP Dave.


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