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Fearless - to all the Campaigners everywhere...

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October 29, 2003 - The day I signed up to RAWK.

Until that day I didn't know there was a Justice Campaign, I'd not heard about it, nothing at all.

I wasn't aware of SYP being responsible for unlawfully killing 96 people and injuring a lot of people as well, telling blatant, unforgivable lies about it and putting the blame on the very people they killed and injured.

I wasn't aware of The Sun, the Owner and the Editor and their horrific and disgusting lies printed, which must have been terrible beyone words for the families/loved ones/friends/Liverpool supporters/decent people everywhere to see.

Shortly after arriving here at RAWK and seeing a few threads about Hillsborough, and The Sun I soon made it my business to do some research.  I wanted to know what happened, really happened.  It was the truth I was interested in, the real truth that is, not The Sun's version of the truth.

I have to say here and now, and I'm not in any way, shape or form trying to suck up to anybody here because I'm not, what i think, is what I type out . . . . . I'm just saying, the Moderators here on RAWK have been magnificent.  Relentless in their quest for justice for the 96 souls and their families.

Thank you.


Thank you, proud of each one of you out there.

We climbed the hill in our own way.

See this on Facebook...

"Emile Coleman added 2 new photos.
1 hr Liverpool, United Kingdom
I did not want to write anything today but after speaking to Sheila Coleman I thought I should. I have seen numerous posts today congratulating her and also have received lots of calls and texts too - thanks you to all on her behalf.

What a lot of people don't know is that my mother became involved with the fight for justice on the same day I started senior school. We both left the house together and got the bus on opposite sides of the road. Neither of us knew that what happened in Sheffield would shape both our lives in different ways.

She attended the first ever attempt at an inquest in Sheffield and I remember her being away through the week over that period. even when she was here her life was never her own, constant phone calls when she did arrive home (more than likely listened to and hacked). Mysterious break-ins where only paperwork was taken as were broke into five times within a short period of time.

People always have assumed that my mother lost somebody at Hillsborough as her passion and fight was so strong. My mother did not need to loose anyone to see the injustice and inequalities that was heaped on the families and in many ways even more so the fans. People conveniently forget that the fans were treated appallingly for so many years, even still today where a class sytem now exists in the fight for justice.

I remember her dessamating Andy Burnham live on Channel 4 news on the anniversary years who whilst Jon Snow smiled in approval. Labour ironically were never really a friend to the fight - Jack Straw in particular.

It's a bittersweet day today as the loss that the families suffered can never be removed or replaced.

The loss that the fans suffered can only begin to be repaired, too many have succumbed over the post disaster years and are not here today. Those that are here are still paying a heavy price.

My mother never stopped, never took no for an answer, carried on when people derided her. In the years when supported wained and nearly petered out she did not stop. Even recently when she was accused of using Hillsborough "to make a name for herself". My favourite was a quote by Kevin Samson - "The woman who would not give up" - thats very apt!

I don't want this to sound like todays verdict was down to my mother - it wasn't - it was a collective effort of thousands of people in the end. People who are not here today, Anne Williams and Jon Glover in particular. But she was always there and never wanted or received anything in return.

The only thing I want to say is thank you as to me and to many other people you have shown that you don't have to listen to no and that you can change anything when you try.

People use the word hero far too easily, but take a look in the dictionary and in its definition you will see my mothers face staring straight back at you. For me she is nothing short of heroic for her selfless actions.

Well done Sheila Coleman"

Always been a fighting city, which doesn't swallow establishment bullsh*t or kow tow to anybody Liverpool.
This is (and of course a lot of people from outside the City have helped hugely) probably Liverpool's finest hour collectively as a city.
So proud, though I agree very much it's bittersweet and today is too late and has taken far too long for a lot of friends and families of the 96.

Proud of you all.  I was in tears that day in 89 as a 10 year old.  I was in tears today as a 37 year old.  You never gave up.  They picked the wrong city, the wrong club and the wrong fans.  I agree: fearless.


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