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Fearless - to all the Campaigners everywhere...

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Yes thanks so much to Niki (and Jim, Alan and everyone else that contributed), HFD is a very important piece of work, makes me proud to be a RAWKite.

I'm still in awe of those of you with the stamina that I couldn't muster.

I know it took a toll on you all and am proud of you all.

One of our fearless campaigners has his book published this week:

Alf Garnett!:
Hillsborough relatives, survivors and campaigners to speak at book launch

Warrants a thread of its own?

They really did pick on the wrong people. people who had the courage and determination to fight for justice, people who had the brains and tenacity to expose the truth.
The contribution this site played was incredible, I was in awe at some of the researchers in here when I joined. in awe at the courage of this site for fighting so hard while prying eyes watched on.
We climbed that hill alright, we shouted the truth for everyone to hear when we got their.


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