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Fearless - to all the Campaigners everywhere...

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You pick the place and I'll choose the time
And I'll climb
That hill in my own way.
Just wait a while for the right day.
And as I rise above the tree lines and the clouds
I look down, hearing the sound of the things you've said today.

Every day is the right day.

In terms of campaigning in unconventional ways, I would like to give a big shout to Maggie May who gave us so much courage to learn how to fight the system and so much encouragement to keep taking it to the next level.

I also want to give a massive shout out to KiNki for being just fucking awesome and tenacious and a stalwart comrade in battle.

There are so many people continuing to work on joining dots that many didn't even realise existed (and they continue to come up too!) - you're all heroes. You never gave up.

Every army needs its drummers, its torch carriers, its flag-bearers if you like.

When it comes to a battle like this one, EVERY day is the right day..............


--- Quote from: 24/7 on April 30, 2016, 11:53:43 am ---
Every army needs its drummers, its torch carriers, its flag-bearers if you like.

--- End quote ---

Tart ;)

I second your praise of Nikki. It was a huge privilege to help get HFD out to a targeted audience and it was a testament to what this site is all about when it's at its best. I was reading through the HFD booklet thread last night and found this:

--- Quote from: 24/7 on April  7, 2009, 07:51:57 pm ---Interview with Johnathan Norcroft from The Sunday Times this evening.

Went okay I think. He was taking the "How Hillsborough Has Changed Football" and "What's improved?" angle.

I made the point that attitudes in terms of crowd safety might have changed (because let's face it, the authorities know damned well what happened, and more importantly who was to blame, and there's no way they'd let if happen again with tens of thousands of mobile phones recording exactly what happens and the footage can be on youtube within the hour!) - but attitudes towards football supporters have only changed (in England) in terms of us no longer necessarily being viewed as hooligans as such, but more like mobile cash machines, whose purpose seems merely to justify the existence of the Premier League.......but I digress.......

He'll let me have a copy of any quotations attributable to me before printing.

I made a lot of the angle that we wanted simply to represent what really happened, no opinion in the text, no judgements, let the reader know and understand. I repeated the mantra "Read, Learn, Educate!"

He was highly complimentary on the Press Pack design by the way - huge thanks to you all for that (and to Mike of course) - and he was highly complimentary on how the details have been condensed down into easily-read yet professional-looking passages. Nice one, Nikki I told him that's exactly what you set out to do from the start - to present the facts. Oh and of course I talked you up and made sure he knew that you were the instigator of this, the brains behind it, "the media studies graduate from Greater Manchester, now in Stockport, holding down a job and raising a child, an ordinary but decent person who became so sick of the lies that she felt she had to use her skills to respond."

He asked what we would like to see as an outcome. I said I'd like to see a day when ordinary people, with no connection to Hillsborough, will forward the truth and will outnumber increasingly the amount of knobheads who spout the lies - that the truth will overtake the lie - that they would speak out against the naysayers, the apologists, the cruel taunts and indecent accusations...........that a British Government would strap on a pair of bollocks and open up the 3.15pm to 4pm window so that the utter failure of the authorities to respond as they should have can be exposed, so that their despicable behaviour, the creation of the insidious lie, be made public, as people were still dying on the terraces and the public as the lie published by The S*n.

--- End quote ---

That day was last Tuesday.


--- Quote from: Alan_X on April 30, 2016, 12:06:08 pm ---
That day was last Tuesday.

--- End quote ---

"I'd like to see a day when ... the truth will overtake the lie"

Perfect, Jim. Perfect.


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