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Hillsborough - Inquest Verdicts - Tuesday 26th April

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"Steve (the Blue) Kelly went to Warrington yesterday amongst friends. Found a very fitting plaque indeed at the court"...

Had no idea where to put this.

Hillsborough families slam sudden end to 'crucial' family liaison group

Is Duckenfield in court today?


--- Quote from: Brneylfc on February 26, 2018, 10:23:25 am ---Is Duckenfield in court today?

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yes... For those that dont know, the High Court judge is to decide whether or not to proceed with a criminal trial against him.


--- Quote from: macca888 on April 26, 2016, 08:21:39 pm ---All I can do right now is give is my profound thanks to the families of the 96. You are an inspiration to us all. Also, I'd like to give thanks to the legal teams for the families, to all the dedicated support workers, to journalists like David Conn and Brian Reade, to Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram, to the HFSG and the HJC, to all the mods at RAWK and fellow RAWKites, you know who you are, many of whom worked tirelessly and gave up so much of their lives with their expertise, money and time, and importantly to the jury who have given up so much of their time to see justice prevail.

To all the remaining families and survivors, may you live the rest of your live safe in the knowledge that no matter what anybody thinks, in the eyes of all those who truly love and care and in the eyes of the law, you and your loved ones have been vindicated and justice has prevailed. To the 96, and for those who have lost their lives since this disaster through illness, suicide, stress and anxiety and never lived to see justice done, may you now truly rest in peace. You never have and never will walk alone.

Everybody on RAWK, I'll see you all soon. Please take every crumb of comfort you can from today, and try to keep the momentum going until justice is fully served on every last person and public body.

Ian, Dave, Keith and Paul, may you rest soundly in peace for the first time today and every day hereafter.

Justice for the 96.

Sean  x

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This was the last post Macca ever wrote on RAWK. Does anyone know what happened to him? Happy to be PM'd.


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