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Hillsborough - Inquest Verdicts - Tuesday 26th April

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Goes without saying - exercise caution in what you say today/tomorrow morning. Nothing should stop that verdict being returned

Feel completely overwhelmed - cannot even imagine how those with a more personal connection are feeling.

My thoughts are with you all in the build up to an incredibly tough day. Can only hope justice prevails.

Andy G:
Is there any news as to whether there will e any live coverage on TV or stream?  I am sure the wonderful Eleanor Barlow will do a written live feed on the Echo website, but any other options for those not in Warrington?

I didn't directly know anybody who died on that awful day. I was 11 at the time. Through the local grapevine, I heard of people from my local community who were there and who lost loved ones. As I grew older, as a teenager, I became friends with somebody who lost a second cousin. Recently, I began to work with a salt of the earth bloke who, having known him for a while, eventually revealed he was there, but only in the crush outside. He said he knew something was wrong and saw some things he still doesn't like to talk about.

I say all this because I kind of view Hillsborough, although as a Liverpool fan, still as an outsider looking in. And, despite that, my nerves are gone today. And will be until tomorrow when that verdict is given. If I, as an outsider of sorts, feels like this then I can't even begin to imagine what those who were there on that day and are still traumatised by what happened and those families who lost their children, partners, siblings etc feel like right now.

For them , I hope it's the right outcome.

On a side note, I'm at home today. No television or background noise as I type this. And for the first time ever I've noticed how loud the clock on my fire place is.

Tick, tock......tick, tock......tick, tock.....

I am in bits - can't concentrate on anything right now


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