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John Lewis would always be my recommendation for plasmas, just because you can normally bully your way to a decent price match and the 5 year warranty is more than worth the difference with internet prices.

Plus reading on AVforums they generally seem more helpful than most if you do encounter a problem

Jimmy Conway:

--- Quote from: Hattori Hanzo on October  2, 2006, 04:34:44 pm ---I definitely agree with this, they are (from my own personal experience) very knowledgeable too, gave great advice normally and have a whopping array or TVs out.

--- End quote ---

I bought my Apple keyboard from John Lewis Online store at 6.30pm, it was at my office before 8am the next morning! You cant argue with that, esp when i had a code for free postage too!

Highly recomend there online store!  8)

Is it time for me to post in here now, before stating that they're not cheap, but they ARE a bargain?

[runs away, laughing manically]

Seriously though - these are extremely hard to beat - I bought a reconditioned last week, and, box aside, I'm fucked if it's not a brand new iPod. Not a mark on it, good as new, and considerably cheaper - with a full year warranty.


--- Quote from: Walshy on October  2, 2006, 05:23:43 pm ---Always dangerous getting a Mac :-X

--- End quote ---

Oh gawd, don't start them off again ;)


--- Quote from: filopastry on October  2, 2006, 05:22:44 pm ---Just in case they are I wrote to Apple saying they put me off buying a top spec Macbook Pro. ;)

--- End quote ---


Now stop it, before we get the thread locked.

--- Quote from: Bradigor on October  2, 2006, 05:19:46 pm ---Well they got to me :wave

Seriously though. Nidge using the reconditioned section, is it worth getting a macbook from there, when I have the funds. Or is it a dangerous game with something like that?

--- End quote ---

Not at all - I know 2 people who've bought recondioned macs from it, and I got my ipod from there - and all of us will swear blind that the items we bought were split new.

I'm strongly of the belief that it's hardly used demo machines, unused returns (ordered by mistake etc) and overstock of items coming to the end of their line.


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