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TV Out Graphics Card

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Anyone know how you connect your TV to your PC using a TV out card.I bought a S Video cable and can't get it to work  :but: I've just spent the last hour searching the web for a website with an idiots guide ::)

There should be an ariel in socket on the tv card which should be imilar to that on the back of your tv(well it is with the one I got anyway) so all you need is a lead that fits the two sockets and plug it in.  If that don't work then I am stumped. ::) ::) ::) ::)

I know this may sound stupid to ask but have you installed the software for the card??

Done all of the above but can't get it to work :but:

You got me stumped then.


What sort is it ? I got Voodoo 3 with TV out but you have to enable it and (with mine at least) you can't have both at the same time  >:(

Anyway, here's 1 I made earlier:

Right Click Desktop / Properties / Settings / Advanced

and there should some Graphics Adapter Utils, 3DFX etc.

There should be the Util for TV out there


you may have a Standalone Graphic Card Utils Prog in which case it should be in there.



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