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Dear Sirs,
I have tried to copy and paste Original Thread topic from "GIVE IT TO BILLY" and have failed. Can you help me or indeed transfer for me ?

[*] click file in your browser on offal page you want to save.....(file top left corner) click save as webpage...then copy and paste it from your harddrive[*] instead of using your mouse.use the key shortcuts instead..highlight the text you want to nick (sorry borrow) press ctrl-c to copy it than press ctrl-v to paste it.[*] if all else fails nick it from the html source...right click anywhere in the page and choose "view source"..a seperate notepad window will open up with the source code in it .then its just a matter of searching thu the code for the text you need[/list]

Is this legal,what about copyright?

Ben S:

--- Quote ---Is this legal,what about copyright?
--- End quote ---

LFC.TV's little "we own copyright to everything posted here" is bollocks and wouldnt stand up in court IMHO.

was wondering more about other site as I've pinched a photo from iciLiverpool!



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