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Liverpool's 10th league title, and 1st European Cup - 1976/77 season...

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A few videos and some info on Liverpool's 1976/77 Season - our 10th league title and 1st European Cup...

Wikipedia page for the 1976/77 season: page for the 1976/77 season:

Liverpool wiki page for the 1976/77 season:

Match Highlights... (or links to for match info where there are no highlights available / found)

The 1976 Charity Shield: 'Liverpool 1-0 Southampton':-

League Game 1: 'Liverpool 1-0 Norwich':-

League Game 2: 'West Brom 0-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 3: 'Birmingham 2-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 4: 'Liverpool 3-1 Coventry':-

League Game 5: 'Derby 2-3 Liverpool':-

League Game 6: 'Liverpool 2-0 Spurs':-

League Game 7: 'Newcastle 1-0 Liverpool':-

League Game 8: 'Liverpool 0-0 Middlesbrough':-

League Game 9: 'Liverpool 3-1 Everton':-

League Game 10: 'Leeds 1-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 11: 'Leicester 0-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 12: 'Liverpool 3-0 Aston Villa':-

League Game 13: 'Sunderland 0-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 14: 'Liverpool 5-1 Leicester':-

League Game 15: 'Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 16: 'Liverpool 2-1 Bristol City':-

League Game 17: 'Ipswich 1-0 Liverpool':-

League Game 18: 'Liverpool 3-1 QPR':-

League Game 19: 'Aston Villa 5-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 20: 'West Ham 2-0 Liverpool':-

League Game 21: 'Liverpool 4-0 Stoke':-

League Game 22: 'Manchester City 1-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 23: 'Liverpool 2-0 Sunderland':-

League Game 24: 'West Brom 1-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 25: 'Norwich 2-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 26: 'Liverpool 4-1 Birmingham':-

League Game 27: 'Manchester Utd 0-0 Liverpool':-

League Game 28: 'Liverpool 3-1 Derby':-

League Game 29: 'Liverpool 1-0 Newcastle':-

League Game 30: 'Spurs 1-0 Liverpool':-

League Game 31: 'Middlesbrough 0-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 32: 'Everton 0-0 Liverpool':-

League Game 33: 'Liverpool 3-1 Leeds':-

League Game 34: 'Liverpool 2-1 Manchester City':-

League Game 35: 'Stoke 0-0 Liverpool':-

League Game 36: 'Liverpool 2-0 Arsenal':-

League Game 37: 'Liverpool 2-1 Ipswich':-

League Game 38: 'Liverpool 1-0 Manchester United':-

League Game 39: 'QPR 1-1 Liverpool':-

League Game 40: 'Coventry 0-0 Liverpool':-

League Game 41: 'Liverpool 0-0 West Ham':-

League Game 42: 'Liverpool 2-1 Bristol City':-

Final League Table...

^ from - with week-to-week league tables for throughout the whole season.

Liverpool won the 10th league title with a 0-0 home draw vs West Ham...

The FA Cup...

3rd Round: 'Liverpool 0-0 Crystal Palace':-

3rd Round replay: 'Crystal Palace 2-3 Liverpool':-

4th Round: 'Liverpool 3-0 Carlisle':-

5th Round: 'Liverpool 3-1 Oldham':-

6th Round: 'Liverpool 2-0 Middlesbrough':-

Semi-Final: 'Liverpool 2-2 Everton':-

Semi-Final replay: 'Liverpool 3-0 Everton':-

^ or 40 minute highlights here -

1977 FA Cup Final: 'Liverpool 1-2 Manchester Utd':-

'Boys Pen, Anfield 1976/77. Some of the kids who shaped Liverpool into the global force they are today. #AgainstModernFootball' -

The League Cup...

2nd Round: 'Liverpool 1-1 West Brom':-

2nd Round replay: 'West Brom 1-0 Liverpool':-

The European Cup...

As always, the 'Liverpool In Europe' website is fantastic for info on Liverpool's European (and World) matches:

1st Round, 1st leg: 'Liverpool 2-0 Crusaders':-

1st Round, 2nd leg: 'Crusaders 0-5 Liverpool':-

2nd Round, 1st leg: 'Trabzonspor 1-0 Liverpool':-

2nd Round, 2nd leg: 'Liverpool 3-0 Trabzonspor':-

3rd Round, 1st leg: 'Saint-Étienne 1-0 Liverpool':-

3rd Round, 2nd leg: '':-

a RAWK 'audio/video' post for the Liverpool vs St Etienne match:

Semi-Final, 1st leg: 'FC Zürich 1-3 Liverpool':-

^ or click here to watch -

Semi-Final, 2nd leg: '':-

^ or click here to watch -

The 1977 European Cup Final: 'Liverpool 3-1 Mönchengladbach' (5 minutes):-

The 1977 European Cup Final: 'Liverpool 3-1 Mönchengladbach' (13 minutes):-

a RAWK post covering all of Liverpool's European Cup Final wins :

Emlyn Hughes was the 1976/77 Footballer Of The Year...

^ if anyone has a non-watermarked pic - or better picture similar to this - please let me know and I'll post it here instead.

'Liverpool F.C 1976/77 Season Review':-

^ or click here to watch -

UEFA are utter dicks for content from 'their' competitions appearing in videos online - so a more full version can be found here:-

'Goal of the Season 1976–77 | Terry McDermott - vs Everton in FA Cup semi-final, at Maine Road':-

^ a better quality video image can be found here -

'Match Of The 70's : 1976/77, Part 1':-

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

'1976-77 Season (ITV)':-

some older / out-of-print 'Club History' videos :

A few articles on the 1976/77 season...

We are the Champions: Liverpool 1976-77:

36 years on - season that set standards: - 1997 European Cup Final page:

Euro Cup History '77:

Liverpool icon Ian Callaghan on why 1977 Euro Cup win was turning point in club's history:

Liverpool in Rome 77 - how one glorious night made the Reds the team to beat:

Flashback to Liverpool's first European Cup triumph in 1977:

Kevin Keegan: From a kiss on debut to a complicated Liverpool legacy:

Football's Greatest Sides - Part 3 of 5: Liverpool FC (1977 to 1984):

The Boot Room: Liverpool’s engine room for European royalty – part four:

Liverpool 1976/77 squad in detail:

1976–77 in English football:

There are many more articles on the 1976/77 Season in the 'Liverpool History Board', here :


• A mini-index of RAWK's 'Liverpool Audio / Video thread' content info for years gone by, recent times, Season Reviews, Cup Final victories - Domestic, European, and World... &

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Favourite ever season. I was 10/11 during it. The momentum gradually built until the incredible climax in Rome. Kept loads of Echo pull outs/supplement during the run in. So many great games - the early season comeback 3-2 at Derby, when we scored an incredible 1/5 of our total away goals for the League season; the Villa match in October (check out the Kop when we score our late goals) - although Villa got revenge and more in the 5-1 six weeks later; the comeback in the fog v QPR, the home league games in April where Leeds, Arsenal, Man City (Jimmy Case's thunderbolt that assisted the winner was incredible) and crucially Ipswich were put to the sword. We weren't an easy watch that season - the early Paisley teams were pretty negative away from home but at Anfield it was a different matter. And of course there were the runs to Wembley and Rome - cried when we lost the Cup final but the pain was worth it four days later. Think we had our second highest home average (pre 2016) that season - pretty much 50,000+ from March onwards. Great days.

Fantastic work Jason. I shall work my through this because it's one of my favourite seasons. From March onwards our home games were played out to some of the best atmospheres ever generated by Anfield. The prospect of playing in Rome simply added to the hysteria. I'd say this was the Kop's prime season.

King Kenny 7:
Thank you Sir once again.

So much in one post, what a season.

 I vote a sticky somewhere.

18 yard line:
Thank you, what a fantastic collection of material.  The run to the final in Rome and the final itself hold so many great memories from my teenage years. A golden year in a golden era.


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