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Sexual Abuser Donald Trump Indicted

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--- Quote from: John C on November 12, 2020, 04:25:23 pm ---Respected legal authoritarian Glen Kirschner is adamant Trump should also face charges for neglectful homicide due to the manner in which he managed the coronavirus resulting in thousands of preventable deaths.

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Given the advantages they have in population density (lower overall and in the population centres) and the advance warning they got from it hitting europe first, even if they had only managed to perform at a similar level, they would have saved about 60k of those deaths.


--- Quote from: Mumm-Ra on October 26, 2020, 04:30:13 pm ---I would settle for a humiliating bankruptcy and complete demolition of the Trump brand. All those Trump signs being taken off buildings, him losing his golf courses, that would be lovely.

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If the rumors of Deutsche Bank calling in its loans once he's out are true, this could very much happen. More likely he weasels his way out of that and starts Trump TV, which eventually fails.

As for criminal charges, I think some at the state level are most likely. If he doesn't pardon himself or resign and get Pence to pardon him, they'll be the only option. I have serious doubts that he'd ever be convicted, though, as I can't imagine they'd be able to find a jury without at least one Trumper sneaking on. At which point, of course, he'll call the hung jury a "complete exoneration."


--- Quote from: Tepid T₂O on October 26, 2020, 04:16:24 pm ---I canít see anything happening ...

When heís gone, the impetuous to convict him goes too...  do you heal the US by charging him?

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You may not heal the US, but surely they need to show any future prick you can't just do as you want in office and walk away to continue your life 4 (or 8 ) years later.

Not doing anything could be more dangerous than actually doing it.

He will be sued into oblivion by various parties but I'm not sure anyone will be brave enough to try and bring criminal charges and/or smart enough to make them stick.

I think in the other thread I posted a link to an article outlining all the various things that were out there against him.  I'll dig it up...

Edit: here it is

I'd imagine in the background during the transition discussions the threat will soon be made - "Leave quietly and x,y,z legal action will not take place - keep refusing to accept the election results and well make sure you'll be looking at he inside of a cell for the next 10 years"

I think this is exactly what is playing out, he and his people are just seeking some slither of leverage.


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