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Z e u s:
I think some topics being closed are wrong.

It seems you can't discuss some important issues at the club, such as the future of Dalglish, Carroll / Downing being good enough, Benitez, potential new players... amongst other things.

Having said all that, there is some brilliant posters on here and I enjoy debating with people about issues regarding our club.  I don't often agree with some people and vice versa, but we all have opinions, strong ones, because we care so much about the club... and we should never forget that we are all on the same side and want the same thing - for LFC to be successful.

good post VDM.

As i see it, there are a lot of great comments added to most of the threads, but they do indeed get swamped amongst the clutter. People quote great posts & applaud them, but 3-4 pages later and they disappear. Royhendo does do a decent job of copying these posts that he does find an posts them into his own thread. But i guess he will miss a lot, i mean he can't read everything. But it's great to see Roy get this position, he will make a quality editor.

Stealing an idea from social media, could we vote up quality posts?
I'm not sure how that would affect the post, but perhaps they could be moved to the beginning of the thread, or that with enough votes are displayed a different colour. maybe the thread themselves can be promoted with enough thumbs up.

I guess we are limited by plugins to make a technical change. But i would love to see the many quality posts more visible.

I suppose rubbish knee jerk posts can be voted down, and posting privileged reduced.

While this sounds sad, is there any way that there could be a 'like' dislike thing going for posts. Sometimes I see really interesting / funny posts that I would recommend but all you can do is quote the quote the post then put either the laughing smiley or put 'this'. Ones with most 'liked' can then be put in a separate folder etc. Posters who get disliked regularly can go in a folder of shame. Maybe this way quality posters will have their stuff read as closely as the prolific ones who don't actually have anything decent to say, just lots of it.

Also, one negative I have noticed creeping in is that certain posters seem to get away with absolute murder, calling people c**** and so on and so forth regularly, especially if they are speaking to someone who has the gall to go against status quo. I enjoy the debates, it someone wants a certain thing to happen at the club then the pros and cons should be debated. There are too many times I see decent, well argued posts made only for the poster to be pointlessly abused without any reason given as to why they are wrong.

Threads for specific players, manager, coach's etc, let people blow off steam and make twat's of themselves, if they go to far you can swing the ban hammer.
If people derail threads, swing the ban hammer.
Put the threads in 'general' mate, you'd have half a dozen 'carcrash' threads, but it would keep the majority of the board clean.
I often read threads for enjoyment only, some I'm not informed or eloquent enough to comment on, but often they degenerate into Kenny, Carra, Gerrard, bashing threads, it's annoying, more ruthlessness in 'decent' threads, more leniency in certain threads.
I'll shut the fuck up now. :D

To be honest I don't think there is much wrong with how you are doing things, although I think it could be a bit more relaxed.  Does it really matter if there is a thread now about what players we would like brought in to the club rather than wait for the Summer for example?  Stuff like that.

The fact we couldn't have an in game thread used to drive me mad, but now I am glad we don't - there is enough after game discussion pulling everyone to bits never mind an in game version too.

I went onto the Official site forum earlier and I think the way this is managed is brilliant compared to that.  A thread about who our next manager should be?  What the hell is that all about!

Overall, I like the fact you have a firm approach to topics, debate and what is and is not acceptable.

Right, that's enough kiss-arsing from me :)


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