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--- Quote from: L666KOP on May  7, 2012, 08:41:20 pm ---Exactly, see my post, lets have a thread in general where people can 'vent'. Keep the board clean.

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There was but they both got locked last year sometime.


--- Quote from: 24/7 on May  7, 2012, 08:42:19 pm ---It is not the thing itself but the manner of the thing. Therein lieth the problem.

(marker post masquerading as wisdom ;) )

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I disagree.i have seen a few overreactions from mods over a few simple points.topics closed easily due to the subject may be percieved as inflamatory even before the discussion reaches that stage.

Personally, I would love to have something like the "level three" thread as a constant part of the forum where itīs possible to discuss the football side of the club only, every aspects of it, regardless of the "importance" or popularity of players, without having to think of avoiding views just because of the personal abuse it would cause.

There are a lot of great writers on the club itself, who know everything on the history and tradition of LFC which is just great to read and an important part of the forum and I love to read their stuff. But me, I cannot contribute anything like this and itīs sometimes not so easy for an OOT to stick to the football only around here,  I think things get sometimes mixed up and cause some negative tension without any need for it really. We all love LFC and thatīs what itīs all about and why we are coming in here regulary to contribute..

Just my 2 cents....


--- Quote from: Z e u s on May  7, 2012, 08:44:51 pm ---Seems a good idea.

Once thread where people can speculate on new players / signings.

Once thread where people can 'vent' about anything be it the manager, players etc.

Then the rest of the forum should be clean and only have constructive criticism and valid points.

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Would the problem with this then not be that it breeds people to outdo each other with how much they hate a certain player.
Poster 1 " I hate downing, he's a coward"
Poster 2 " I f***ing hate him too, I hope he breaks his legs"
Poster 3 " I double f***ing hate him, I wish he was dead"

And then it goes from there. It's difficult though because I understand the need for people to go mad sometimes

First of all, you all do a great job, considering you do it out of the goodness of your hearts and all that. Agree with what was said above, some threads are binned far too easily, for example the Bargain Hunters thread in GF&S, what harm did that thread staying open doing? Yes it was a teensy bit transfer thread-ish but is that a terrible thing? It wasn't your football manager-esque 'OMG we shud by Higuaiain and Hazzud and Cavarnee. Carol is so shite lolz.' It was genuine, football lovers talking about players they like and feel maybe have been overlooked. I loved reading it anyway, fascinating amount of insight on players in less watched leagues. Also, my custom title.  >:(


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