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The John W Henry Interview - Part Two

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Enjoyed that. Gives me hope.

Thanks to everyone who managed to put it together :wave

Veinticinco de Mayo:

--- Quote from: shanks_legend on November 15, 2010, 12:01:10 pm ---I'll bet the "insightful player" was Pepe.

Thanks for that all.

--- End quote ---

Was my guess as well.

Will there be a part 3?

Absolutely all the right boxes being ticked.

I'd even go for the fact that he's replied to these in parts being an indicator of dedication; a pr team could have wacked the responses to these out in a day.

Veinticinco de Mayo:

--- Quote from: hedger on November 15, 2010, 12:01:21 pm ---regarding question 11 what are the new financial fair play rules and how will it affect us?

--- End quote ---

In a very brief nutshell clubs will only be allowed to spend money they have as income on player transfers and wages.  So hopefully ending the days of the sugar daddies and also preventing teams from "doing a Leeds" and risking everything on a mad tilt for the big time.


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