Author Topic: LC: Liv 3 vs 3 Lei Vardy 10’ 13’ Ox 19’ Mad34’ Jota 68 Taki 90+4’ (5-4 pens)  (Read 29826 times)

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That's an ingenious adaptation to produce a mobile toilet. I'm an engineer, so I'm used to coming up with solutions and I'd be really proud of that one.  In fact, I'd probably file for a patent if it were me.

Aye mate ingenious indeed!  ;D

Did use the facilities meself a few times (you had to) and was quite a daunting experience rattling down the M1 on that lower level by the doors where I dunno if it was just me but the fear of those doors opening was telling me bladder that it wasn't quite full enough!  ;D
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Indeed! I thought so too!!
It's very impressive how he is able to make the goal smaller whilst keeping his foot on the line. I wonder is that something they have worked on?

Both saves look identical as his right foot is just touching the line as the kick is taken. In real time it looks like he has jumped off his line but look at a freeze frame and he hasn’t.

It’s clearly practiced and coached. Excellent technique and timing.