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Dark Mode for RAWK

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Hi Claire, please can you enable dark mode for me - have started suffering from migraines over the past few months and this would help me out a lot.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I've got fancy new fonts but no dark mode yet - do I need to manually change it in the settings?

if your device is in dark mode, rawk will be.

Hi Claire - been using dark mode for ages but last few months i've quite literally been terrorized by the spirit of Shankly (as below). Main page and in-thread page is fine, just the sub-forum pages. Reckon you could try turning it off and on again for me? Or any other ideas!? Thanks!

that's not the new theme, you installed a browser extension?


--- Quote from: Claire. on February 20, 2024, 04:56:53 pm ---that's not the new theme, you installed a browser extension?

--- End quote ---

looks like it was - seem to have several dark mode extensions and 1 of them was causing it - cheers!


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