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The state Of The States. How Has America Got To Now?

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Commie Bobbie:
As I alluded to in the Biden thread - I have been watching a few of the American Experience series on PBS, and came across both the Oklahoma City Bombing one and the Ruby Ridge one, both of whom are linked as they are part of the narrative pumped on the White Supremacist right as the consequences of state intervention - it is said that the Oklahoma City Atrocity was the Right's response to the Waco Siege and the resulting death toll.

However, there was a thought that came to mind. Do the events in the 90s, bare any responsibility for where America is right now?

Whether it is the radical, hate-filled nonsense that comes out of the GOP's gobs on an hourly basis, the obsession with their guns, the draconian Texas abortion laws and its implications, The voting rights debacle and straight out gerrymandering, and how the GOP have turned the Supreme Court, into toothless goons for an absurd period of time, remembering that the GOP's presidential candidate has lost the popular vote for the last four Presidential cycles?

And what can be done to combat this, because whilst Trump and Trumpism may be gone - albeit temporarily, the actions that the GOP have been allowed to get away with and its consequences are going to last decades.

Let's keep this away from Biden and Trump - this is purely about how America got to this point - and how to get it out of such a dark hole?

I dont think its just a 2 decade problem. Ever since their independence or the way they forcibly grabbed lands off the natives before 1776, America has embodied the "Im right, you are wrong" attitude. That attitude just multiplied and amplified into their battles and wars and it became so embedded into their politics and way of life that its seen as a natural behaviour in that side of the world. And its more visible now because of social media.

Only Me:
They appear to be a brainwashed, North Korean type cult of a country.

Making large numbers of kids pledge allegiance to a fucking flag every day - knob heads.

And the obsession with religion and God that millions of them seem to go in for. Obviously only the white, English speaking God, like.

And then there's the gun fettish. Something very Freudian about all that nonsense. if you ask me.

There's no hope for them. They are the very definition of a lost cause.

Pity the Atlantic isn't a few thousand miles wider.

Its a real shame. I've been to the US about 10 times on various holidays. But no more. Nutters, the lot of them.

Let's Escape from New York the whole bloody place.

Give the decent ones time to flee to Canada as refugees.

Commie Bobbie, you should definitely check this podcast out - I finished it recently, very high quality.

It goes into how the right-wing mobs ditched the skinhead haircuts and morphed into the alt-right we see today, and how they get their hooks into people


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