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a question for one of the mods

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Want some chips with yer fish, Kash? :wave

I see the sarcasm detector has been fixed ;D


--- Quote from: Kashinoda on December  6, 2017, 01:10:40 pm ---I see the sarcasm detector has been fixed ;D

--- End quote ---
Get up early? You'd have to stay up all night ;D

Maggie May:
Oh I do so love this stuff.   More please.  Whining over a ban two years ago and whimpering about being mocked.  Makes me wonder if there's real money to be made in this malarkey.  Swinging the lash gets a bit much at my time of life.  I must consult with my friends Domina and Trix.

Mags you'll find that Kash was fishing :wave


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