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The last few threads about him are locked so he is clearly a player who divides opinion but nobody can argue with his work-rate last night.

The lad was immense and deserves serious credit for it after the amount of stick I and others have thrown his way earlier in the season. To think that when he first signed, he wasn't trusted past 60 minutes and there was so much made about his inability or lack of fitness to play past 60 mins. He ran himself and Villarreal into the ground last night. Really impressed the way he has become the trigger man for the press, racing forward to close players at the right moment, it's rare he himself gets the ball back but the rushed pass he triggers leads to a chain in which eventually win the ball back high up the pitch. Really reminds me of Dirk Kuyt v2, less goals but more skillful.

The last area of his game he needs to work on is his finishing, got one last night so lets hope he can add some more. Really looking forward to how he gets on next season with a full pre-season under Klopp

It suits him to have 3 players in the team more likely to score than him. Frees him up to affect every single play, as a pressing trigger or keeping possession in tight spaces. You look at Manchester City's multi million pound ensemble and there's Jesus Navas playing on the right wing for them. We have Lallana, a far superior player.

Can't wait until Ibe takes his spot now Klopp is our manager.


--- Quote from: Funky_Gibbons on May  6, 2016, 09:55:08 am ---Can't wait until Ibe takes his spot now Klopp is our manager.

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Ibe? He's been shocking all season.


--- Quote from: mc_red22 on May  6, 2016, 10:00:21 am ---Ibe? He's been shocking all season.

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Hook.Line....  :D


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