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I see that his old thread got locked for too much Divock vs. Daniel talk, so let's not do that. :wave

The TWENTY YEAR OLD Mr. Origi deserves a standing ovation for his performance against Dortmund. Most of the football world was watching this match, and Divock put in a solid, professional performance against one of Europe's best clubs in what is usually an intimidating atmosphere for many young players.

Divock has a knack for the limelight. Not only only did he score the only Liverpool goal tonight, please recall that his first international goal was the match winner in the 88th minute against Russia in the recent World Cup.(He had substituted in that match for another Belgian striker from a bitter blue team ;) ) That goal, the only one in the match, propelled his nation into the knockout stages.

We have a talent on our hands my friends, and he's progressing by leaps and bounds under Klopp and Co. Please, let's not make this Divock vs. other Liverpool strikers. Let's instead cherish the fact that we will have quite a potent strike force next season with a returning Ings, a healthy Sturridge, a more experienced Origi, and a cameo or three from Mr. Firmino up top.

Stand up Divock, and take a bow. :wellin

Was hugely important last night - the ball just seemed to stick to him and his pace provided a great outlet.

Feel he could be very good within a year or two.

Gonna be a good'un !

He will be a Klopp project.

Can become a real gem! I hope he stays clear of injuries, so we can enjoy him for many years.

Passmaster Molby:
I thought his display last night included everything we were told Aubameyang would bring to the table for Dortmund. Pace, strength, willingness to work the channels and an eye for goal, plus aerial power too - it was a complete strikers performance.

KUTGW Divock.


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