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Strawberry Fields:
Heres what I can say about (only) some of them (in my opinion).
Hope that helps.

- Jay Spearing
A young local CM. From what I've seen of him he could develope nicely and some compare him to a young Gerrard. If he is - he's gonna need some competitive matches to play in (maybe loan).

- Ryan Flynn
In my eyes this Scottish CM (and I think in my eyes only) he reminds me of Alonso. Good distributer of the ball even long range and been a key player in the FA Cup winning side.

- Stephen Darby
English RB. they call he "Mr. Consistency" at the reserves team.
I'm dying to see him in a first team game could be good back-up for Arbeloa once Finnan hangs his boots.

- Danny Guthrie
Another CM, on loan at Bolton. BW fans love him and he is a first team choice ever since Megson took charge. Did great in the draw vs. Bayren away and the win over ManU.

- Ronald Huth
A CB from Paraguay. He's only 18 and you can see how huge this guy is (1.89m and 89kg).

- Krisztian Nemeth
My hope for a better and more clinical side in the future.
He's a Hungarian striker, the kind that will be at the right place at the right time to score a goal.

- Paul Anderson
19 years old english RWM. Plays for the Swans on loan.
Scored 5 goals in 15 app. We might get a chance to see him play in the FA Cup against us.
- Francisco Duran
A Spanish midfielder. Signed last year but had been injured most of his time here.

Strawberry Fields thanks for that, sounds promising.


--- Quote from: Sarge on January  8, 2008, 07:45:16 pm ---
And i want to know if 1 or any of them could be pushing the first team squad or even a place in the team at some point like young Hobbs and Martin have.

--- End quote ---

Strawberry fields has done a good job.  I haven't seen enough of Flynn to comment on his likeness to Alonso.

With Guthrie & Anderson out on loan, the closest to the first team of your list would probably be:
- Stephen Darby - captain of the reserves since Hobbs has been with the first team.  I'd expect he's good enough to cover at the moment - if we were stuck I'd be happy enough with him at RB rather than reshuffling to play someone like Gerrard/Masch/Pennant/Lucas there.  I am simply not sure yet if he'll give Arbeloa competition at RB as Finnan's career tails off over the next season but I wouldn't be surprised if he does.  19 years old.
- Spearing - his biggest problem is that he is just tiny.  Scholes would be head & shoulders above him.  He is kind of like Gerrard - box-to-box - he's quite good, but I don't know if he'll be good enough for us - put it this way, when Lucas came and played a few games with the ressies, it was kind of like watching Kaka playing for Derby (ok slight exaggeration).  The only one of our CMs I can ever see him ousting would be Sissoko but like Darby, there are other players I'd worry about relying on more than Spearing if we were in dire need.  I'd guess Spearing might be good enough for a mid-table PL side.  Could do another Guthrie and make us some significant money after a loan elsewhere.  19 years old.
- Nemeth.  Only just arrived a few months back.  I think he's actually only started 3 games with 1 sub appearance (the ressies don't play many) but he's scored 5 goals.  So quite impressive.  In terms of style of play I'd say possibly most like Van Nistelrooy - good touch, but fantastic positional sense, can shoot and score from the edge of the box too.  He's not a speed merchant.  Does he have that burst of pace to get his shot away against tougher defenders?  I don't know.  Is he as strong as RVN?  No, but he is only 19.  Some of his goals he's scored under a lot of pressure from defenders (rather than bad defending and having acres of space), so that would give me confidence.  I'm not sure how Rafa & the staff view his development, but I certainly wouldn't be unhappy if he made an sub appearance rather than El Zhar, Kuyt or Voro in the FA Cup replay - provided it didn't stunt his development as a player.

It's the Under 18 lads Rafa has brought in that also look very promising

Amoo, Eccleston and Pourie

Eccleston in particular is scoring for fun with all kinds of efforts.

Great stuff lads and honest. Nemeth, Stephen Darby and  Paul Anderson could make the first team squad. Great news.


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