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Quoted on LFC's website today:

Book your trip to see the Reds in Slovenia

Lonsdale Travel are offering the following two night packages from Manchester for the UEFA Cup 1st Round 1st Leg match against Olimpija Ljubljana

Package One

23rd September: Depart from Manchester at 15.05 and arrive in Ljubljana via Munich at 21.05.

25th September: Depart from Ljubljana at 11.25 and arrive in Manchester via Munich at 14.30

Package Two

23rd September: Depart from Manchester at 07.25 and arrive in Ljubljana via Frankfurt at 13.20

25th September: Depart from Ljubljana at 07.55 and arrive in Manchester via Frankfurt at 11.50.

Packages include Bed and Breakfast accommodation in a 3-Star property 1 mile from the centre of Ljublijana the night before and the night of the game, coach transfers to and from the airport, hotel and stadium.

463.00 plus match tickets which are available to ETC members and season ticket holders.

35.00 Single Supplement (Total, not per night)


54 for a flight to Venice
40 on Major's bus
40 for 2 nights accommodation
Match ticket - ??
Transport to ground - ??

Must be the cheapest Euro away yet!

Lonsdale f*ckin rip off, LFC just a bad for patronising them.

one word...


disgusted that LFC are promoting such extortion and financial abuse.


--- Quote ---Posted by: steer  Posted on: Today at 03:19:54pm  
one word...


--- End quote ---

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Fucking scandalous. Despite all the hassle in changing flights and stuff, my trip should be costing no more than 150.

Either these match tickets are 300 or someone is making a fortune!!


With any luck though, no-one in their right mind will pay for this, and so Lonsdale won't get any tickets  ;D

It is a scandal, although flying into Ljubljana is more expensive than the route most people are taking it is still a joke.
Hopefully Lonsdale will not get any tickets!!! Hopefully we will get our tickets soon as nearer to fixture it gets the more worried I get.
Has everyone sent in their ticket applications?
Any word on our allocation?


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