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FAO anyone who has not yet changed their flights

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Depends on the kick off time Tetti. The satdium only holds 12,000 and I have no idea if it has floodlights. If it does not it may well be an afternoon kick off as many of these East European trips turn out.

Lee J:

--- Quote from: Olly on September  2, 2003, 09:55:44 am ---Lee you got any room in your car?  ;)

--- End quote ---

Haven't booked any cars yet as don't know final numbers.  Once it all settles down and if there are others who wish to travel from the same flights as us, then we can decide what size car (number of cars) to get.

Ok. Thanks Lee

Lee J:

--- Quote from: john_mac on September  2, 2003, 09:58:46 am ---Anyone considering Venice might want to check where Treviso airport is, I have a feeling it's not too close to Venice!

--- End quote ---

It's a little way to the North West of Venice, so worse option than Marco Polo, I reckon about 1.5 hours extra driving than the Trieste option, but flight times give us much much more time (no early rising on the Thursday for a start  ;D)

As for the Tuesday option to Trieste, it's not the outbound flight they have tanked the price up on but the return flight on the Thursday (Friday is the same and I reckon the weekend would be even more)

This is such a pain  >:(

RAC route planner suggests a 2hr 45 minute drive at an average speed of 60 mph on motorways.  It is nearly all motorway so should be able to cut down on this.

Not sure about other options (trains etc)

Lee, Im seeing 19.99 for the return from Trieste on the 25th and what about BMI to Venice single, return on opodo is 75 so single must be cheaper?

and 51 for the return, out 23rd back 25th. am i looking at the wrong link on ryanair?


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