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--- Quote from: Flaccido Dongingo on May  1, 2018, 03:21:43 pm ---Yeah it's sad, it's the reality of latter vs present day football, were even the most average of Premiership footballers have millions by the time they are 23, but truly world class players of yesteryear like McDermott and Ray Kennedy are really struggling financially, it's a shame the club didn't have provision in place to help out former players in need, McDermott hoping to get 150k for what are in essence footballing artifacts, and Paul Pogba earns that in half a week, not blaming the present day players, I'd rather they got the money than the suits get it, but it is a real shame for the likes of Terry.

--- End quote ---

He's not struggling financially, he wants to help out his kids and he feels that his memories are enough.

Diagnosed with Dementia. Awful stuff.

Hope the club is helping him and his family in some way.

He was one of my grandad's favourite players.

Dementia's hard graft but a lot easier if you don't take yourself too seriously. Terry Mac is the definition of a man who doesn't take himself too seriously. He'll cope with it with grace I reckon.

Terrible news.

It's alarming now, seem to be regular occurrence of players from the 60's-70's being diagnosed with Alzheimers and Dementia.


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