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--- Quote from: royhendo on August 21, 2021, 11:42:40 pm ---Dementia's hard graft but a lot easier if you don't take yourself too seriously. Terry Mac is the definition of a man who doesn't take himself too seriously. He'll cope with it with grace I reckon.

--- End quote ---
LBD is slightly different type of dementia though, less memory loss, more hallucinations and physical motor control issues. It’s like a particularly nasty bastard mix of Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons, same neurodegenerative pathways involved.

If you’ve not already seen it, there’s a recent LBD documentary on Williams by his wife, gives an insight…Robin’s Wish I think its called.

Capon Debaser:
Mum was mates with his sister when we lived in Kirkby. We used to meet up at her house and walk to and from school with her n her kids. Terry bought her house for her on Simmonswood lane. Met Terry a few times as a kid. Was funny from what I remember. Gutted about this news. Lovely bloke

Such horrible news, I want to wish him all the best as he comes to term with this. I am sure he will battle it with the same determination he played football with, all the best Terry.

Terrible news but like Terry says probably good to have it diagnosed so it can be treated. Sometimes the hardest bit is knowing things aren't right but not knowing why.

Just hope with the right treatment and organisation he can live with it and it doesn't take too much of his personality away from him

Best of luck Terry YNWA

Sad to hear this. Terry Mac is in my top 5 of all time favourite players. Man, some of his goals. A legend through and through. All the best Terry.


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