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An actual true legend. Amazing and awe inspiring story.

You can get a signed copy of his autobiography here:-

There's a fair few other Liverpool related books too.


Andy G:
Met him on Saturday night.  Came across as a really top bloke.  Has a real love for both Liverpool and Newcastle.

Selling off his medals and trophies to help his kids futures out

1977, 1980 and 1981 European Cup winner's medals

1976-77, 1978-79 and 1979-80 season First Division winner's plaques

1981/82 First Division winner's plaque

Aiming to raise aboiut 150k

'Terry has told me selling his medals will not take away his memories of those great times. He's got to plan for the future, which is just the reality of life.'

Sad that the club couldn't have come up with an arrangement to display them in the museum for a fixed fee or even for the club to buy them themselves and help an ex player out that has given us so much as a player

Flaccido Dongingo:
Yeah it's sad, it's the reality of latter vs present day football, were even the most average of Premiership footballers have millions by the time they are 23, but truly world class players of yesteryear like McDermott and Ray Kennedy are really struggling financially, it's a shame the club didn't have provision in place to help out former players in need, McDermott hoping to get 150k for what are in essence footballing artifacts, and Paul Pogba earns that in half a week, not blaming the present day players, I'd rather they got the money than the suits get it, but it is a real shame for the likes of Terry.


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