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All ya need is Rush......Could do with someone like rushy now, well any time really.

Here's a decent documentary I've just watched, maybe someone can embed it.

First book I ever remember reading was his autobio. Mybe not auto, can't remember. Every Cloud has a silver lining or something. All I can remember from it was that his unusually long neck, which aided him in his career, was (somehow) a side-effect of a childhood bout of meningitis.

It's become my stock Ian Rush fact for dinner parties etc. And now I'm paying that forward to you all.

A neighbour of mine has just knocked on my door and given me a signed black & white photo in a frame of Rush scoring in the '86 Cup Final.

He won it in a raffle, he's a baggie so has no need for it. Nice baggie.

Happy Birthday Rushy!

His 60th. Where did the time go…



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