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Excellent post, remarkable even.

Hopefully those that give the time to read it, will realise the depth of intelligence and planning is required to build a successful football team. I've certainly learned a lot from that, and had given me a little more perspective around Rafa's methods.

Fantastic post.

It shows brilliantly the time it takes to build, not just a good team, but a winning team and why we should show some patience and not kick off the first time we draw a game.

The bit about circulation football instantly made me think about Arsenal.  Interesting that Wenger seems to go against Michels theory that you need to be able to adjust your play, as he has said Arsenal will only use one style of play.  I wonder what Wenger's reasoning is?

Wow... This is the reason why i signed up on RAWK and that is to read excellent, in-depth analysis like this one

Absolutely brilliant !

I enjoyed that.

Thanks for posting. Anyone who thinks it's too long to read need to get themselves a beer or 3 and have a gander.

Nice stuff.

That post just blew me away mate. Great read. Thanks for taking the time to put it together !


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