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Red Cactii:

Nice interview with Neil Jones, nice to hear that Sadio looked after him during his time on our books.

Red Cactii:
Now equal-joint scorer for Union Berlin in the Bundesliga, bit of talk Wolfsburg will make a move for him in the Summer.

Drinks Sangria:

--- Quote from: mallin9 on December  5, 2021, 09:43:19 pm ---Yea I just post about ex players doing well because itís fun to see, and thereís only so many times I can say about the actual football I follow; holy shit, pinch me, this is real?

So itís fun to see him doing well, heís a fucking unit in highlights! 

If you want to watch someone we should sign and have through the door on December 31, if thatís what youíre worried about, we should overpay for Brereton of Blackburn. Theyíd never sell because he is their attack and this club doesnt panic buy like we would for a 3 week tourney, but thereís just something about him. Heís fucking ace

--- End quote ---
Off topic and I certainly donít think heís Liverpool quality, but I will be bidding for the rights to the film of Ben Breretonís life. Born in Stoke, called up to the Chilean National side he had no idea he was eligible for off the back of a football manager tip - goes to Santiago and comes back revolutionised, bizarrely ten times the player he was before he left.

Red Cactii:
Scored an 88th minute winner to get his 15th goal of the season, fantastic effort from him. Wonder what the summer holds for him, either stays and plays Europa League or probably gets a Premier League payday.


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