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Alberto Moreno: Ghost in the Shell

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Only he can iron out his stupid mistakes, that is what is so frustrating.

The guy is a liability at the moment and we need better, simple as that really.

Gerry Attrick:
While I agree he was not directly at fault for any of the goals his general recklessness has shown itself to be problematic time and again. There was a time in the first half where he was covering across and headed the ball straight to an Arsenal player, he then launched into a dangerous slide tackle in the area, yeah he won the ball but you are taking risks when you leave your feet in the penalty area. Not long later he's diving into a totally unnecessary challenge in the box and giving away a spot kick. Some of his decision making is baffling.

Istanbul Therapy Group:
He's reckless and switches off all the time. To say he wasn't at fault for the first yesterday, is a ridiculous comment.

Our last two competitive games he has made (in my view) three critical errors. No witch here hunt, but he is a liability at the moment. 


--- Quote from: bcurtis92 on August 15, 2016, 10:35:50 am ---Nonsense, I'm all for supporting a player, but there needs to be balance. The press simply have no reason to be as biased as this. There were a few players at fault for that goal - Lallana, Moreno, Klavan - but if Moreno holds his position as Clyne did on the other side (the side of the ball!) there is a very small chance of a goal happening because Walcott does not get the space he requires.

There is no witch hunt, the press are simply reporting on a match which involved a player having an absolute nightmare of a first half following an absolute nightmare of a second half in Basel the last time we saw him in a Liverpool shirt. The only way it will stop is if he improves.

If he's still starting for us at home to Leicester in September I am sure people will begrudgingly accept his faults as it will be clear Klopp sees him as first choice going forward, but the reason fans are on edge right now is that he has no obvious competition other than someone who has played in midfield his entire career, and it's very frustrating carrying a weak link in the side when there's a transfer market & a pot of cash to fix such issues.

This to me feels like a poster who has been ripped to shreds on here for negative views now trying to earn brownie points by being over-positive.

--- End quote ---

Grow up, no need for comments like that.

We know he's prone to error. People getting on his back is going to make him worse. If you're not going to support him, at least don't get on his back inside the ground.


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