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Dirty cheating bastards

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John Barnes, Anchorman:
I don't normally say this, but I think we've been cheated over two games.  Against a team that didn't cheat, dive, foul, whinge, whine, wave imaginary cards as much as Galatasaray did we'd be top of this group now.  The team is getting better and better.

Even if we go out, it would give me a hell of a lot of pleasure if Heskey's goal puts those cheating c*nts out.  We've seen some dirty teams at Anfield recently (Roma last year, Sunderland and Boavista to name a few), but these c*nts were something else.

We can still do this.  I think we just might.

define cheating and the pain of getting 4th place in a 4 team group please? thanks

John Barnes, Anchorman:
Cheating = diving, niggling fouls, waving imaginary cards, shirt-pulling

Coming 4th in group = probably Galatasaray

Winning 4 European Cups = Liverpool

Winning no European trophies ever = Galatasaray

Fuckwit who hangs around on the websites of teams thousands of miles away from his own = Hagi

Any more definitions.  Your club and your country has little football tradition - just some silly aggressive mentality in players and supporters every time real teams come over.

Disappear back into the mediocrity you came from, and give my regards to Everton when you get there.

Fairish point Hagi - Ben, get a grip mate, there's no need.

However, Hagi - you might admit that Gala's players need very little encouragement to go to ground claiming a foul?  The player that fell over in the penalty area didn't get touched and looked very poor.

It's unfortunate, as Gala are clearly a good side. Some of the 'tackles' tonight were 'professional' to say the least, though Liverpool were not angels themselves either.

All said and done, we enjoyed having you in Liverpool and I hope the same can be said of our fans in Istanbul.  I hope we both get through to the next round - if that is possible!

wow and ouch, guess you really expected more than a draw and you feel pretty bad eh pal?
I was just cruising the pages to say gratz to L'pool fans, but if you're going to talk shit about Gala, go ahead, and I have no idea how you can blame us for cheating while the ref was pretty much on your side...

anyways Congrats to all other L'pool fans if you are happy with the draw
hope gala and liverpool can make it to the next round together, which would be awesome!

and Dave I agree with you  Gala players have to stop playing with the refree but it was a game w/ high tension and they really desired a win and some tackles might be a little rough I agree w/ that up to a point also but talk shit about the refree if he's not punishing those tackling heavily not talk shit about Gala players..


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