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Paisley Memorial Taken (according to teamtalk)

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The sixth anniversary of Bob Paisley's death last Thursday was sadly marked by the theft of a church floodlight erected in his memory.
Paisley had been a regular worshipper at St Peters Church in Woolton up until the time Alzheimers disease made it no longer possible for him to attend and as a mark of respect and in memory of the great man, a pair of floodlights had been unveiled at the church by his widow Jessie on the eve of the new millennium.
One of the set of lights was stolen last week and understandably, the Paisley family and the church officers are very upset about the theft.
Paisley's son Graham, who is a verger at the church, said: "It is very distressing especially for my mother. She was at the church on Thursday for the sixth anniversary and found out about the floodlight just hours later."

Steve C:

Shame is not a strong enough word for those who have done this!!!

More to the point can we do anything about this? There have been numerous threads about statues and knighthoods but this *is* a current memorial to Bob, and one that obviously means a lot to his family. How much would it be to replace the lights and could a collection be organised?

I'd certainly put in the pot to have them replaced.

How low can some people stoop!

Eli_B (aka Badland Red):

Some people these days have got no respect, decency or even morals. And those words which i previously mentioned cannot contain my anger and disgust  :no: :no:


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