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PL: Crystal Palace 1 v 3 Liverpool VVD 8 Ox 32 Edouard 54 Fabinho 89

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Bangin Them In:
Just re watched on my day off and they booed everything, throw ins, substitutions, the whole bag

Vying for the southern Eve title


--- Quote from: rob1966 on January 24, 2022, 04:44:52 pm ---This is the worst one I have witnessed in the flesh. Used to sit row 3 of the Kemlyn at the Anny End and we gave the lineo dogs abuse

--- End quote ---

The rule was changed to allow farcical situations like the one above sometime around 1994. Before that Kluivert would have been considered to have gained an advantage from been in an offside position and therefore interfering with play.

The 1994 World Cup is where I first saw it exploited to the extent that Kluivert did there. If you look at the Brazil Holland quarter final which finished 3-2 you will see Romario score two goals by exploiting the same ridiculous loophole.


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