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--- Quote from: Knight on January 22, 2022, 03:44:57 pm ---I've got no idea what the deal with Al and Minamino is, I assume he's got a record of criticising hm otherwise the reaction seems a little disproportionate.

The problem with Minamino is not that he's not good enough, I think he's a decent squad option to have in a vacuum, it's that he doesn't fit stylistically, which makes him slightly unhelpful. Ideally our backups would play the game in the same sort of way to the first choice players, just worse. That's what we have at CB, they all play a very high line whoever they are. That's what we have at fullback, they're all attacking fullbacks. That's basically what we have at CM, or at least they're all coached to play in a certain way. But in the front 3 positions, we don't have it. Origi can't really press, Minamino isn't a wide forward and he's not a 9. Given Jota, Mane and Salah can all play down the middle if needed, as well as Firmino, we'd be better off having one squad option who was comfortable as a wide forward than Origi and/or Minamino. And given we need to sell to buy I don't think wanting Minamino gone is some outrageous opinion.

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Well, in a way it is. If Minamino were better, Klopp would have found a way.

Look at Jota, who is a completely different player than Firmino. Jota does not do the things Firmino does in the center of the park, and it affects the team around him quite a bit, ie the system. However, Jota's quality in the box is world class so he's winning games for us anyway, and Klopp isn't daft. Minamino however isn't that good.

Of course, Jota is a ridiculously high bar to set, and we can't expect our bench players to be that good, but it's an example of how Klopp is willing to accomodate different styles. The system is important, but winning matches is always the overarching goal.

Klopp probably had higher hopes for Minamino, but not all signings work out and that's fine.

Scored for Japan against Saudi. Leading 1-0 at HT.


Japan [1] - 0 Saudi Arabia : (WCQ) : Minamino goal on 32' - :

Taki seems like a good lad, I'm sure he works hard in training and he always puts the effort in on the pitch - however his natural footballing ability sadly isn't at the level of his fellow attackers.

He's occupying a squad place where we have a lot of options now (in attack) and I have no doubt that he'll be sold in the summer and we'll very likely make a proft on him.

Not really sure what the plan was with him to begin with, likely as Firmino's potential successor?? I'm till exactly sure what Taki's position actually is?

We probably should have instead gone for his Salzburg teammate at the time - the norwegian chap.


--- Quote from: oojason on February  1, 2022, 11:25:14 am ---Japan [1] - 0 Saudi Arabia : (WCQ) : Minamino goal on 32' - :

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Everytime I watch Minamino, he strikes me as a natural finisher, and just knows where to position himself,  make that yard of space to get the shot aaway.... Either clean or via deflection, goals come for him.

He is a striker. A poacher.
From the Pippo Inzaghi school!

Not a creative midfield player per se, as I originally thought.

I think if used in a system that uses his natural goal getting instincts, he can be tremendous.
Maybe at a midtable Prem or high level Championship side. Or even a top team in Italy.

With us, probably a great option to have off the bench,  if we finetune our system to have a specific Plan B that involves him, for occasions when our Plan A is failing.


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