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I am getting really pissed off with ITV's ( :wanker: )coverage of liverpool's games. should have timed it, but i think tonight we saw less than 2 fucking minutes of highlights on "(Manchester Utd's) The Premiership".

"Here are the Premiership's leaders..." - 20 mins later - "oh, and i think liverpool might be in with a shout, so here is someone scoring, can't remember who, f*ck it..."

do ITV realise that Munters Utd have their own tv station already?

fair do's, they are catering for the greatest number of glory fans in the country, but lfc have a lot too!
(originally, that wasn't meant to be ironic, but i think it turned out to be!)

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Steve C:
Fucken disgrace, Mancs had almost a 1/2 the show tonight.

Its what we expect now, but this was a bit of a piss-take.

I dont think ITV were allowed to show any more than that as the game was played live on Sly TV.....i may be wrong tho.

Having said that, Des is a twat, El Tel is a muppet and ALL ITV football coverage is gash.  :but:

I've got used to the fact now, that when United play on a Saturday, you can guarantee they'll be given a good 1/2 hour at the top of the show.  

I've also got used to the fact that they seem to think that every other club in the Premiership are peripherial to the planning of the show.  It's almost like the other 19 clubs get in the way kinda thing.

I'm constantly pissed off at the way that ITV pay scant regard, not only to Liverpool, but to the rest of the clubs in the Premiership.  But, it's as you said Gareth, Sky allow ITV only limited highlights, so yer made to put up with it.

Was'nt aware that Sky restricted ITV coverage if match shown live earlier in the day.

In this case ITV show on 23rd Feb when Man Utd played Aston Villa in a noon K.O. should have had limited highlights also. Did this happen?

I very rarely watch Sat night show as I think its crap. I cant see Premier League giving contract to them again.


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