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Thommo loses his tooth!!

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Kop's the best - that's the tooth
Mar 20 2002
Liverpool Echo
PHIL THOMPSON has thanked Liverpool fans for roaring the Reds to victory last night - even though it cost him a tooth!

The Liverpool assistant-boss had to whistle so hard to make himself heard above the wall of noise at Anfield last night that he inadvertently fired a tooth out of his mouth onto the pitch.

But despite having to face a trip to the dentist this morning, Thompson was full of praise for the special atmosphere produced by the Kop in last night's 2-0 win over Roma.

Thompson firmly believes that the amazing atmosphere unsettled Roma's players and now he has called for more of the same in Sunday's crucial Premiership clash with Chelsea at Anfield.

He said: "I said before the game it could be St Etienne mark two and it was.

"It will go down in history and will be remembered for years to come and I would like to thank the fans for their support.

"When the Kop gives that kind of backing Liverpool are an irresistible force. Nothing can stop us.

"Most of our players have never experienced anything like it. We have got experienced people like Jari Litmanen and Gary McAllister who have been about a long time but that will have been special to them.

"More importantly most of the Roma players won't have experienced that kind of noise and that worked in our favour.

"Now we have got to do the same for Chelsea on Sunday. It's another cup final for us, a massive game, and we need the fans to be up for it again."

Liverpool will be boosted by the return of Didi Hamann and Nicolas Anelka at the weekend. Michael Owen is also hopeful to be fit.

The draw for the next round of the Champions League will take place Friday lunchtime.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Come on lads, get gargling , suck those lozenges , we need to do it again on Sunday. We owe those blues one, after the last 3 results against us.

How about a rendition of "All I want for Easter is my two front teeth" ! I'm sure Tommo would have a laugh.


--- Quote ---How about a rendition of "All I want for Easter is my two front teeth" ! I'm sure Tommo would have a laugh.
--- End quote ---

as long as im not sat near him if he doesnt approve!  ;D

A tooth?  Out of his mouth?  From whistling!!?  Holy cow, the man is truly commited to LFC.

Sounds like a nice chant to start.
It was nice to see PT and GH back together and also looked like they were really enjoying themselves along with everyone else inside Anfield last night!



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