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Flights to European games - dos and don'ts and this forum

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With the Champions League qualifiers upon us can we ask posters to respect a common sense suggestion.

Everyone wants the cheapest flights. In excitement some post the details all over the web. This allows lazy bastards who haven't put in the groundwork to nip in and book these flights.

Also some airlines base their prices on the numbers currently viewing the details of a specific flight on their website so a huge traffic hit caused by a posting on here or any other forum in the immediate aftermath of the draw pushes up the price quickly screwing those trying to book.

If you've found cheap flights book them for yourself and your mates - contact other friends by IM or email if you know they're looking. Don't post them here for at least a couple of days.

Mister Stone:
right on

always the same
when posting after the draw prices rise in less then an hour
sometimes even doubled
so give your pals the details and keep it for yourself.
We had this going on in ANderlecht the last years

I assume when you guys do this,we talk about 10 000 intead of a 1000 ;-)

And anyone who has no intention of going - don't fucking look at the price of flights............

Just a reminder ...

In the 'Away Ground Guide' section there is a 'Useful Links' topic which contains internal flight links. Just wondered if it would be any good to have that topic in this section too with lots of links to different airline companies which fly overseas?


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