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Jurgen: thank you from RAWK

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Cheers la
You gave us memories that will outlive us all.

He just gets us :)

Rush 82:

--- Quote from: Hinesy on June  2, 2019, 02:10:30 pm ---Cheers la
You gave us memories that will outlive us all.

--- End quote ---
Is right

The perfect manager for this incredible club.

Never forget, RAWK tracked him all the way from Germany - in realtime!

dirks digglers:
Thank you JŁrgen. The dream manager for us and itís a privilege to be able to enjoy these times. A man who understands community and solidarity, who understands that you need perspective and balance in life, and who understands that football isnít everything, and in understanding all that somehow elevates the football even more.

I live in a sleepy seaside town called Vung Tau, in Vietnam.

I've been djing at a local bar since 5pm. It's now 10. The owner, David, is a Bayern fan but loves the bones of Our Jurgen. Really rated him for years. Very fucked off at how his club fucked JK about when they tried to sign him. So, for the night, he's an honourary Red.

I pop back home. It's only 4/5pm UK time so I deceide to grab a quick powernap. If it goes to penos, then it's gonna be pushing 5.30am (with me pushing 50) here before we know what is what.

I wake up around 12am, 2 hours to go. We start to drink to pass the time.




Second half...


Old Big Ears is ours again...

I really cannot thank you enough, JK, for this. After years of being either SHITE or NEARLY SHITE or JUST MISSING OUT, this has made my summer so much better. I can come home in the summer for two weeks and see the fume coming off the BS. That in itself is enough to warm my heart.

But add that MASSIVE FUCKING TROPHY to that... Priceless...

So, Jurgen Klopp, danka mein herr (apologies for my poor written German).



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