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Acceptable Sources and Unacceptable Sources when posting Media Stories.

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RAWK has a policy of accepting certain media sources when starting threads on news heard or written about the club.

This list is not exhaustive but gives clear guidence to what's allowed and not.

Twitter sources are not allowed unless from an official site and really, unless its the madness of the Transfer Forum, you shouldn't be starting a new thread based on a tweet anyway.

Clearly as Jon Hall's thread in this board states, quoting from the Sun will get you banned/muted at least and is just a no-no.

This is the list as posted in the Transfer Forum when open:

--- Quote from: Southern Pansy on May 24, 2010, 01:29:11 pm ---I really shouldn't need to say this, but, the following sources will be instantly deleted:

* The Sun
The following (not an exhaustive list) could be summarily locked:

* Daily Mail
* The metro
* Daily Express
* Daily Mail
* The Star
* The Daily Star
* Daily Mail
* Talk Sport
* Daily Mail
* Daily Mail
* TeamTalk
* Daily Mail
* Tribal Football
* Daily Mail
* Sportsnetwork
* Daily Mail
* Daily Mail
* Daily Mail

Don't post anything from KopTalk, because Duncan Oldham claims copyright on it. Besides, why on earth would you want to read it?

The BBC Transfer Gossip page, and it's equivalent in the quality papers does not magically launder the story. A Sun story is a Sun story, even if the BBC report that the Sun are reporting something.

So what can you post? is clearly definitive (apart from the press round up)
The Echo / Daily Post (unless it is reporting other papers' stories)

Beyond those two, I am afraid you need to think. Read the story. Does it have any quotes? A story quoting a named source is stronger than a story with an unnamed source, which is better than a story without a source. Where is the story printed? The Guardian has more credibility than the Star for instance. Is the story realistic? We are not going to buy Messi, he is not for sale, we couldn't afford him if he was. In summary, is the story credible? If it isn't, don't post it, because it will be locked.

--- End quote ---

I'd like to add the following to that list:
Talksport Radio
The Spectator

Also the Times has a paywall so quoting reports from there is likely to infringe copyright and get us into trouble.


This is in the Feedback Section but probably would do as well to be in here.

LFC.Tv or  ::) LOL

and if I overhear something on the street corner?

Dr. Beaker:
I have this shoeshine bloke I regularly go to, he's pretty good.


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