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Song for Nunez.

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I-I love the red clothes he wears
And the way the sunlight plays upon his hair
I hear the sound of a gentle touch
On the wind that lifts Joachim Andersen through the air

I'm singing bout Darwin Nunez
He's giving me excitations (Oom bop bop)
Dar Dar Dar Darwin Nunnnneezzzzzz

Boston always unofficial:

--- Quote from: HARD AS HELL on September  2, 2022, 05:50:59 pm ---To the tune of "Mama Mia" by ABBA...

Darwin Nunez
Here he goes again
My, my running down the left wing
Darwin Nunez
Scores a goal again
My, my watch him make the Kop sing

Yes, we've been so excited
Since, he turned down united
My, my, I could never let you go

--- End quote ---

If ya doing ABBA songs 'Darwinner takes it all'.

Oh me Darwin
Oh me Darwin
Oh me Darwin , Uruguayan

From Benfica
Beats the keeper
Oh me Darwin


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