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Phil Scraton - a truly remarkable and extraordinary Liverpudlian

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--- Quote from: 24∗7 on August  7, 2021, 01:22:48 pm ---There's a banner currently being designed..... statue next ;)

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Good man Jim.

Big Bamber:
From Audrey Carville on Twitter:

I have the honour of interviewing Prof Phil Scraton this Sunday after 9am. He is driven by obligation to fight injustice & bear witness to the pain of those without power. #hillsborough #motherbaby #racism Hear him @BBCSounds @bbcradioulster


--- Quote from: Timbo's Goals on May 30, 2021, 05:00:17 pm ---
RAWK salutes you Phil.

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John C:
Following the Atsroworld tragedy Phil's knowledge, expertise and eloquence impresses US podcaster Trish Wood. She's blown away by his brilliance having never heard of him before.

Phil's terrific Desert Island Discs episode in 2017.....a must-listen for one and all


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