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Damian V:

Mark Walters:

--- Quote from: Damian V on March 10, 2021, 10:47:49 am ---Tasty

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What'a Migs trying to prove? That he could be a sweeper keeper? In that case, why didn't he do it when he was with us? ???


'3 times in a row! 🏆🏆🏆 Champions 2021/2022!!! 💙🖤 #WeAreBruges #YNWA #Champions' -


Desert Red Fox:
Congrats to Big Si! I wonder if he'd be willing to leave Belgium again for a "higher profile" club now that he's helped Bruges win three leagues in a row - I do think he's a good keeper (sometimes shaky, sometimes unfairly maligned) and could easily be playing in a more competitive league than the Belgian one.

In any case, I'm really glad he's found success in his home country :D

Dim Glas:
Thatís great for Migs!

Also noticed he commented on John Achterbergs Instagram to congratulate him and Liverpool on winning the FA Cup  8)


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